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Arnica – the wonder of nature

Arnica – the wonder of nature

The leaves in the forest are already starting to change color – summer is over. Anyone who owns a garden knows what that means: hedges are trimmed, oleanders are wintered and vegetable beds are covered. But you don’t just have to be careful with the plants, you shouldn’t forget your hands either. Working with earth and water dries out our skin.

What to do if your hands are cracked A remedy is quickly found, because the arnica plant is a true natural wonder. Processed into arnica ointment, it cares for and protects the skin in the event of an SOS.

The healing properties of arnica were already known in the Middle Ages. The essential oils, flavonoids and sesquiterpene lactones contained in arnica are among the most powerful ingredients. The plant was used as a remedy for gout, sprains and pain relief. Then as now, arnica is only used for external application in ointments.

The arnica finds its home across Europe in alpine locations and is under nature protection. The plant has a yellow flower and is about 20-30 centimeters high. The medicinal plant belongs to the genus of the composites. There are about 30 different types of arnica, with the arnica montana being the only one that grows in our alpine latitudes.

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