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Cooling gels are used for muscle and joint pain that has already developed such as bruises, sprains or strains. MED+ Cool Gel relies on the natural combination of arnica extracts, menthol and camphor.

Pain relief thanks to menthol and alcohol

The pleasant cooling effect on the skin can be achieved either by alcohol evaporation or by an active ingredient. In the case of MED+ Cool Gel, both possibilities in the right mixing ratio contribute to intensive cooling – the contained alcohol triggers alcohol evaporation only a few seconds after application to the painful body part. The menthol docks onto so-called thermoreceptors and as a result indirectly triggers a nerve stimulus so that the aching body part feels cold immediately.

Healing properties of camphor

Camphor has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. In addition, it is said to have antispasmodic properties as it stimulates the affected nerve endings. This produces a numbing effect so that the pain decreases. Camphor also stimulates blood circulation, which increases the supply of nutrients to the skin and accelerates the healing of inflammations, bruises or strains.

The mixture makes the difference

Conclusion: While menthol and alcohol deal with immediate pain relief after application to the skin, camphor and arnica work in depth to combat the pain that has arisen in the best possible way. These 4 important ingredients are combined perfectly in MED+ Cool Gel.

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