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Sports, office or housework – warming gels have versatile applications.

Warm-up before exercising

When used before sports, Hot Gel loosens the muscles and joints. In this way, muscles and joints are optimally warmed up in connection with the warm-up training and are ready for the exercise.
Our tip: Apply the gel to the lower legs before playing football, to shoulders before climbing or to the thighs before skiing.

Use after exercising

A warming gel is the right choice for stressed muscles and joints, especially after endurance or weight training. You can apply it to the affected area directly after sports or physical activity.
Our tip: Apply the gel to the thighs after cycling, to the shoulders after playing tennis or to the lower legs after running.

Avoid sore muscles

Wintergreen unfolds its full effect through the intensive heat massage on the affected area. The metabolism of the tissue is stimulated, ensuring a better supply of oxygen to the treated muscle. This can greatly minimise the likelihood of muscle soreness, muscle hardening or strains.

Relieve tension

Thanks to their intensive warming effect, termal gels also help with highly stressed muscles such as the well-known tensions in the neck and shoulder area. The tensions can thus be easily released and relaxed. Tension can be caused by one-sided stress such as sitting in the office or home office for long periods, poor posture during sport or unfavourable sleeping positions. Regular use of Hot Gel can prevent tension and strains.

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