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Swedish herbs: Also intended for the skin

Some are of the opinion that Swedish bitters or Swedish herbs are only intended for internal use. In fact, the Swedish herbs made into ointments or tinctures can also be used externally.

If you look back in history, it was Maria Treben – she made Swedish herbs world famous – who applied wraps soaked with Swedish herb tinctures to heal various diseases.

Their methods are passed down from generation to generation to this day. For example, in household use, it is recommended to dab the alcoholic tincture on the skin with a cloth for mosquito bites, blunt injuries or purulent inflammations. Even warts can be removed this way. However, it should not be forgotten that some of these methods are based on years of experience but have never been medically tested.

Nowadays, Swedish herbs for external use are available in the form of ointments. Herbal extracts from the tried and tested Swedish bitter recipe are processed in dermatologically tested formulations, which have a nourishing effect on dry, blemished, scarred or irritated skin.

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