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The secret to becoming a top athlete

Austrian speed skater Gabriel Odor, Junior World Champion, is about to compete in the adult class. The 20-year-old has got big plans for the future and is interviewed by Riviera Pharma & Cosmetics GmbH – the main sponsor.

How did you get into speed skating?

Gabriel Odor: “My brother was a speed skater and got me interested in this sport. Since my mother took him to training every day, I wanted to try it too. So one thing led to another.”

How young were you when you stood on skates for the first time?

Gabriel Odor: “Exactly 10 years ago – I was 10 years old – I happened to stand on ice for the very first time. When watching athletes like Vanessa Herzog, I was impressed and wanted to learn how to skate as well.”

How are the trainings and competitions possible besides attending school?

Gabriel Odor: “Last year when still at school, combining it with sports was not always easy. Since this year I have been employed by the Austrian Armed Forces as an army athlete – speed skating has become my profession so to speak. I have the whole day to prepare for the competitions and represent Austria in the best possible way.”

Injuries are part of it – does the Indian know no pain, or do you have a secret recipe?

Gabriel Odor: “Minor injuries or sore muscles are part of everyday life of a sportsman like me. Since I have to attend up to 14 training sessions per week, I am very glad to always have something suitable in my pocket – the MED+ products. With them at hand, bruises are quickly forgotten and I can get back to sports immediately.”

Gabriel Odor adds: “My trick for an even better effect of the MED+ gel: massage the gel in energetically. This relieves even the greatest pain, as it is optimally absorbed into the skin and unfolds its full effect.”

What are you training for at the moment?

Gabriel Odor: “The highlight is the World Championships in Beijing which should serve me as a rehearsal for my big goal: the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. I definitely want to participate – and of course win. ”

Which dream do you follow given that you have already reached a milstone and became Junior World Champion?

Gabriel Odor: “The Junior World Champion title is a great achievement. Nevertheless, I now would like to establish myself in the adult ranks. The jump away from the juniors is not easy, but I’m convinced I’ll make it. This year I was able to get a taste of the World Cup in Minsk – I didn’t expect to achieve a top 10 result. Now I’m already looking forward to the next season. I’m really excited to see what it will bring.”

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