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Mountain pine: Austrian all-rounder

Latschenkiefer: Österreichisches Multitalent

Mountain pine oil is an essential oil that is extracted and processed from fresh pine needles and twig tips. The mountain pine is a tree native to Austria – mainly Tyrol, Vorarlberg and East Tyrol.

When processed into oil, mountain pine has a positive effect on the body both internally and externally. It has a warming effect on the skin because the substances it contains stimulate blood circulation. Mountain pine oil can help to relieve tense muscles, such as sore muscles or tension, more easily. Products with mountain pine oil, such as the wood chopper mountain pine rubbing alcohol, also have a vitalizing, refreshing and invigorating effect – especially after exercise.

The internal effect is mostly in the form of oils in the sauna. The typical scent is refreshing and beneficial for the respiratory tract. Mountain pine can also develop its healing properties when inhaled and have an expectorant effect in the case of colds and runny nose.

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