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6 steps: properly disinfect your hands

In times of flu and corona, it is essential to disinfect your hands to avoid infection. But some things can be forgotten. Here is a 6 step guide on how to easily and safely disinfect your hands.

Step 1:
Rub disinfectant into the palms of the hands and wrists.

Step 2:
Stroke your right palm over the back of your left hand and your left palm over the back of your right hand.

Step 3:
Rub palm on palm with fingers crossed and spread apart.

Step 4:
Place the outside of the fingers on opposite palms and rub in disinfectant with your fingers crossed.

Step 5:
Circular rubbing of the left thumb in the closed right palm, then vice versa.

Step 6:
Circular rubbing back and forth with closed fingertips of the right hand in the left palm and vice versa.

A little tip at the end:

In order to keep the effect as high as possible, we recommend STERRIL hand and surface disinfection. STERRIL does not contain alcohol and destroys 99.99% of all pathogens.

The active ingredient of STERRIL is based on active chlorine, released from hypochlorous solution. STERRIL is also suitable for use with food, skin-friendly and was dermatologically rated as “very good”.

Safety instructions:
Use biocidal products carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

6-step instructions according to CEN EN 1500

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