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Plantain Juice

Plantain Juice is produced through extraction from plantain leaves and is inspected using stringent quality controls. With its pleasant taste the juice is a delight for your mouth and throat.

Recommended use and advice:

  • intake recommendation/daily dosage: adults: 3 x 1 tbsp. (ca. 30 ml, corresponds to 134 mg extract from plantain leaves)
  • intake recommendation/daily dosage: children over 3 years of age: 3 x 1tsp. (ca. 15 ml, corresponds to 67 mg extract from plantain leaves)
  • keep protected from heat, store in a dry place
  • NOT suitable for diabetics
  • keep out of the reach of children

Attention: The recommended dosage should not be exceeded. Plantain Juice should not be consumed as an alternative to a diversified, well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Active Ingredients:

Plantain, also called ribwort, is domestic to Europe and is well-known due to its leaves, which are shaped like lances. This plant is traditionally used in the treatment of cold symptoms and coughs. Plantain is also anti-bacterial.