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Massage Oil

RIVIERA Massage Oil is used in daily skin care. It helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and smoothness and to prevent dehydration. Through vigorous massage the skin nurturing components in the oil are quickly absorbed into the skin and cause a pleasant soothing feeling.

Perfect for rubbing in:

  • after doing sports
  • after bathing or going to the sauna
  • for everyday care of the skin

Recommended use and advice:

Massage in gently as needed, can be used more than once a day.

Due to the continual development of the products and in response to new scientific findings and legal requirements there can be changes in the ingredients listed on the products. The exact mixture can always be found on the outer packaging of the product.

Active Ingredients:

Due to the diversity of its application possibilities, St. John’s Wort was voted the medicinal plant of the year in 2015. The oil obtained from St. John’s Wort has a harmonising and circulation-enhancing effect.
Avocado oil keeps the skin smooth and is very commonly used in natural cosmetics. This quick absorbing oil contains an effective fatty acid composition and a high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins, phytosterols and phospholipids.
The marigold belongs to the family of the composite flowers or Asteraceae, it originated in Northwest Africa. Today it is widespread throughout Europe and is used as an ornamental plant in many gardens. But it is also cultivated as a medicinal plant. The marigold is particularly helpful in treating injured, irritated, sensitive and inflamed skin.

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