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Active-Gel Sport Cool

The cooling effect of menthol and camphor, as well as the special formulation of this gel provide for quick relaxation and refreshment after sports. With its long-lasting cooling sensation Active-Gel Sport Cool is ideal after an active day.

Perfect for rubbing in:

  • cooling through the effects of menthol and camphor
  • soothing after over-exertion in sport through the arnica extract
  • for massaging skin and muscles after sports
  • nurturing after an active day

Recommended use and advice

Apply to effected area and gently massage in. Can be used as needed, also more than once daily. Apply only to intact skin. After applying do not cover skin tightly. Not suitable for infants. Avoid contact with eyes.

Due to the continual development of the products and in response to new scientific findings and legal requirements there can be changes in the ingredients listed on the products. The exact mixture can always be found on the outer packaging of the product.

Active Ingredients:

Orange oil is obtained by pressing the orange peel. Due to its pleasant fruity fragrance, this oil is often used in aromatherapy and as a fragrance in cosmetic products.
Lemon oil is mainly used as an invigorating fragrance in cosmetics. The essential oil also has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects.
Rosemary blossom extract has a stimulating effect on the circulation system and blood flow. It is also frequently used in hair-growth compounds. In addition to this, the extract is also excellent for use in bath essences.
This essential oil has a stimulating and strengthening effect. It is obtained from the bitter orange.
Menthol is the essential oil which comes from the peppermint plant. Menthol stimulates the circulation and also has cooling and refreshing effects.
Camphor is attained from the camphor tree through the process of steam distillation. The active ingredient has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and refreshing qualities.
Bergamot oil is an antiseptic, deodorising essential oil with a fresh, invigorating fragrance. The oil is attained through the pressing of the skins or fruit peelings of the bergamot tree.
Arnica was already known for its healing qualities in the Middle Ages and was therefore used as an external remedy. The aromatically fragrant plant can be found mainly in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. With its stimulating and invigorating effects Arnica promotes flexibility and mobility. The extract has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, promotes the healing of wounds and can relieve pain.

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