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About Us

Riviera is known throughout Europe for its production of traditional herbal medicinal products and phytocosmetics, such as salves, creams and oils. Two of the most successful brand-name articles made by Riviera are the original Swedish Bitter and the Holzhacker alcoholic liniment. This traditional company was founded by Robert Schrenk in 1923 and is still owned by the family today.

The principles of the company’s founder Robert Schrenk are still valid today –only products which meet the highest quality standards are to be made. This is ensured with the help of innovative product research and constant quality control.

In 2007 the new operational facility in Tulln an der Donau was built. Here in the Greater Vienna area these highly modern facilities allow for research, development and production at the highest technical and scientific standards. To be more specific, here we are talking about the extraction of herbs and medicinal drugs which can be processed into medicinal products in liquid or salve form.

In 2009 Riviera received a special award, the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Austria. This honour is given only to businesses which have done exceptional service to the Austrian economy.