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High quality natural products

Riviera is known throughout Europe for its production of traditional herbal medicinal products and phytocosmetics, such as salves, creams and oils. Two of the most successful brand-name articles made by Riviera are the original Swedish Bitter and the Holzhacker alcoholic liniment.

The principles of the company’s founder Robert Schrenk are still valid today –only products which meet the highest quality standards are to be made. This is ensured with the help of innovative product research and constant quality control.

  • Austrian Production
  • Highest quality as our requirement
  • Constant development for our customers
  • Innovation as the basis for even better products
  • Responsibility for location and region
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Why should you choose our products?

Because ever since we founded the Riviera company we have been working with our hearts and minds to make and develop our products.

We are innovative

Our products invigorate your body and spirit and strengthen you in your daily life.

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We offer the highest quality

We produce for you using our long-time experience and tradition because we find this important.

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We are your partners

We support you in the areas of development, bulk production, filling, packaging, quality management and logistics.

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